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    Kaninchenfeld – Berlin’s Brass Rabbit Field

    The brass rabbits of Karla Sachse’s Kaninchenfeld (Rabbit Field) add a touch of colour and some much needed shine to an otherwise unremarkable stretch of the Chausseestraße in Berlin. The Kaninchenfeld is one of seven artworks selected from a host ...

Escape From East Berlin - Screenshot from Swim for your life out of the GDR!

Escape From East Berlin – Swimming across the Spree

The video entitled Swim for your life out of the GDR! on YouTube shows a daring escape from East Berlin across the River Spree near the Reichstag. The film starts with a shot of the river facing the Fernsehturm as the narrator sets the scene and then cuts to amateur footage of the escape attempt. […]

Kotti d'Azur Poster from Muschi Kreuzberg

Kotti d’Azur Poster from Muschi Kreuzberg

An adult twist on the design of the classic child’s car play mat, the Kotti d’Azur poster from Muschi Kreuzberg will appeal to the inner child in every Berlin-lover. There are some recognisable Kreuzberg landmarks: U-Bhf Kottbusser Tor; Zentrum Kreuzberg; and the Victor Ash Astronaut mural; and some touches of Kotti humour dotted around. Here’s […]

The Verkehrskanzel, a 1950s Traffic Control Pulpit, from the traffic island on the corner of Kurfürstendamm and Joachimstaler Straße in Berlin

Verkehrskanzel – Berlin’s 1950s Traffic Control Pulpit

Perched among the trees at a busy intersection on one of Europe’s most famous shopping streets, the Verkehrskanzel, a 1950s Traffic Control Pulpit, is a relic of a bygone era. It is hard to imagine it now, watching the constant stream of traffic at the corner of the Kurfürstendamm and Joachimstaler Straße, but at one […]

Screenshot aus Der Rote Elvis auf YouTube

Sunday Documentary: The Red Elvis – The Story of Dean Reed

The documentary, The Red Elvis, tells the story of the American folk-rock singer Dean Reed, who emigrated to East Germany in 1973 and became a poster boy for the Communist regime. Born in Denver, Colorado, Reed was relatively unknown in America in contrast to his fame behind the Iron Curtain. In 1958 he signed to […]

Screenshot from THE ANNOUNCEMENT - Rocco and his Brothers by Frank Henkel on Vimeo

THE ANNOUNCEMENT | Rocco and his Brothers

THE ANNOUNCEMENT is an art intervention dealing with surveillance in public spaces by the audacious Berlin art collective Rocco and his Brothers. Given the unprecedented intrusions into the privacy of East German citizens perpetrated by the Stasi, it is understandable that the increase in surveillance and the conflict between privacy concerns and security is an […]

Beyti Kebap at Caglayan Grillhaus Berlin

Caglayan Grillhaus – Berlin’s Best Beyti

There are so many Turkish restaurants in Berlin that deciding which one to eat at can be a bit daunting. If I could only pick one, it would be Caglayan Grillhaus in Neukölln. Caglayan is a family restaurant – two brothers run the kitchen and front of house respectively – on Hermannstraße, opposite the magic […]


Berlin – the inner layer by Alex Soloviev

Prickling with tension and loaded with energy, Alex Soloviev successfully conveys the vitality and spirit of the city in his short film, Berlin – the inner layer. In stark contrast to his previous Berlin short, Everyday Berlin (a serene visual poem), a combination of constant movement, fast cutting, clever transitions and a pounding soundtrack gets […]


Sunday Documentary: Ai Weiwei Drifting

For the documentary Ai Weiwei Drifting, a film crew from the Deutsche Welle followed Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist who has made his home in Berlin, around the world for over a year. During this time Ai Weiwei was making his own documentary, Human Flow, about the plight of refugees. Ai Weiwei understands very well […]