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    Kaninchenfeld – Berlin’s Brass Rabbit Field

    The brass rabbits of Karla Sachse’s Kaninchenfeld (Rabbit Field) add a touch of colour and some much needed shine to an otherwise unremarkable stretch of the Chausseestraße in Berlin. The Kaninchenfeld is one of seven artworks selected from a host ...

Gemüse Döner im Brot at Rüyam Gemüse Kebab Berlin

Rüyam Gemüse Kebab Berlin – My Dream Kebab

Rüyam Gemüse Kebab (or Rüya as it was called until 2017) has been serving up the kind of chicken Döner Kebabs that dreams are made of at Hauptstraße 133 in Berlin Schöneberg since 2012. Rüyam is literally my dream, and I mean literally – it is the Turkish translation, hence their tagline ‘traumhaft lecker’. All […]


Bauhaus: Design in a Nutshell

The Open University’s short film Bauhaus: Design in a Nutshell sums up the Bauhaus movement in an easy to follow 2 minute video. The school, which was founded in Weimar in 1919 by Berlin-born architect Walter Gropius, revolutionised art and design in the twentieth century. As it says in the the video’s description on YouTube: […]


Protokoll Taproom Berlin – 24 Craft Beers on Tap

Whether you’re a dedicated beer connoisseur or simply bored of the usual selection of Pilseners and wheat beers on offer at most Berlin bars and Kneipen, Protokoll Berlin, a craft beer bar in Friedrichshain’s Boxhagener Kiez, is the perfect place to broaden your beer horizons. Protokoll has an impressive 24 taps (handmade in Moscow with […]


Vagabund Brauerei – Brewery and Taproom in Berlin Wedding

On a quiet residential street in Wedding, in the small but perfectly formed taproom of Vagabund Brauerei, three Americans sell the beer they brew right there on the premises, to Berlin’s craft beer drinkers. When it opened in July 2013, Vagabund Brauerei was Germany’s first crowdfunded brewery. Disappointed by the lack of variety in the […]


Sunday Documentary: Background to Berlin

A tweet from NATO marking the 70th anniversary of the start of the Berlin Airlift led me to the recently recovered documentary Background to Berlin. The film is part of the “Atlantic Review series” developed between 1959 and 1968 by the NATO Information Service. This film tells the story of the city of Berlin from […]


Kanaan – Food from the Promised Land

Kanaan is a Middle Eastern vegan-vegetarian restaurant with a backstory as appealing as the food served there, that claims it has ‘the best hummus in town’. Berlin has the short-sightedness of Germany’s supermarket executives, who dismissed Oz Ben David and Jalil Debit’s original business proposal to bring hummus, tahini and other imported Israeli-Palestinian specialty foods […]