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Self Portrait - Reflected in a light shade in a Berlin shop window

I’m David and I’m a Berlin-aholic.

I’ve been living in Berlin for over five years now and in that time I have seen more than I ever thought possible.  Friends, some of them native Berliners, have asked me how I know so much about the city.  The answer: I’ve walked the streets, I’ve devoured blogs and scoured Twitter, always looking for something of interest in the city I love.

For me, it was love at first sight.  I first came to Berlin in the summer of 2009, lured by the promise of walls decorated with some of the finest Street Art the world has to offer.  What I discovered was a city with so many layers (and with the harshness of the winters here it needs layers believe me).

On that first trip, I spent 5 days getting to know Berlin – I started with the obvious tourist attractions: the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the East Side Gallery but even then I was enamoured with the diversity of the architecture, the proliferation of bars, cafes and restaurants, and the sheer pleasure of drinking a beer bought from a Späti as I wandered.

I returned in 2010.  And then with a trip in the summer of 2011 already booked I decided to quit my job in London and spend a year living in Berlin so I could really experience the place.

The love affair hasn’t waned.  If anything my feelings have grown stronger.  On that first visit I felt more at home in Berlin than anywhere I had been before but now ‘Berlin is home’.

I find out more about my new home every day and seem to add items to my Berlin to do list faster than I can knock them off.  I’m always looking for more suggestions though so get in touch if you have a Berlin must-have, must-do or must-see for me.

You will find more about how to get in touch on my Contact page.