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Berlin Wall 1984 – A Clearly Pissed Off Man

“West Berlin, West Germany in 1984 near Checkpoint Charlie in the American sector of the divided city.  A 24 year-old man decides to relieve himself on the wall separating the West from the East.” It is surely no coincidence that the young man chooses a spot marked with the graffiti ‘Communist Guards Suck!’ for his […]

A boy stands at the Berlin Wall in 1961

Sunday Documentary: The Berlin Wall 1961 – 1989

Produced for Berlin Story to accompany the book of the same name, The Berlin Wall 1961 – 1989 is an informative and entertaining documentary covering the lifecycle of the world’s most infamous border fortification. The usual historical events are covered: the building of the ‘wall’ on 13 August 1961, Kennedy’s ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech […]

People At The Berlin Wall At Schwedter Strasse - Still From NBC Documentary - The Tunnel

Sunday Documentary: The Tunnel

Produced by Reuven Frank and narrated by Piers Anderton and first aired on 10 December 1962, the NBC documentary The Tunnel follows a group of West Berlin students determined to help people flee communist East Berlin. Featuring footage shot inside the tunnel under the Berlin wall, the programme offers a unique insight into the remarkable […]


Ohrwurm: David Hasselhoff – Looking For Freedom

Today’s Ohrwurm is David Hasselhoff – Looking For Freedom, which seems appropriate on a day when the people of Berlin are again protesting at the wall. David Hasselhoff singing on top of the Berlin Wall, with the Brandenburg Gate as a backdrop, on New Year’s Eve 1989 came at a time when people were celebrating […]

Screenshot from The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall on YouTube

Sunday Documentary: The Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall

The 2 part documentary, The Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall, from the History Channel, tells the story of the Anti Fascist Protection Rampart, more commonly known as The Berlin Wall, erected on 13 August 1961, which fell on 9 November 1989. Of particular interest, is the lengths that people would go to, to […]