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Houses on Waldmüllerstrasse in Klein Glienicke - a former East German enclave separated from West Berlin by the Berlin Wall and only accessible with special permission

Klein Glienicke – An East German Enclave in West Berlin

With its grand villas, alpine chalet-style houses, waterside views, and cobbled streets, Klein Glienicke is a charming village, popular with day-trippers. But for 28 years this idyllic settlement on the Potsdam border was an East German enclave separated from West Berlin by the Berlin Wall and only accessible with special permission. The quirks of Klein […]

Screenshot from Walled in! - The inner German border by Deutsche Welle on YouTube

Walled in! – The inner German border | DW English

The computer animation Walled in! – The inner German border, which details the fortifications of the former boundary was produced by Deutsche Welle in cooperation with the Berlin Wall Foundation to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall. Save for a few remaining stretches preserved as memorials, the Berlin Wall is merely […]

Escape From East Berlin - Screenshot from Swim for your life out of the GDR!

Escape From East Berlin – Swimming across the Spree

The video entitled Swim for your life out of the GDR! on YouTube shows a daring escape from East Berlin across the River Spree near the Reichstag. The film starts with a shot of the river facing the Fernsehturm as the narrator sets the scene and then cuts to amateur footage of the escape attempt. […]


The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall – Konrad H. Jarausch

This TED-Ed Original, The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall, from Konrad H. Jarausch distills the complicated background to and history of the Berlin Wall into a 6-minute animated short film. TED-Ed Original lessons feature the words and ideas of educators brought to life by professional animators. Konrad H. Jarausch is Professor of European […]


Berlin Wall Homeopathic Remedy (Murus Berlinensis)

People who are unused to medical treatment in Germany are often shocked when the doctor prescribes nothing stronger than tea for a cold or even asthma but just imagine you were told to drink the Berlin Wall homeopathic remedy. There are practitioners of homeopathic medicine who believe that drinking a solution made with the crushed […]


Kaninchenfeld – Berlin’s Brass Rabbit Field

The brass rabbits of Karla Sachse’s Kaninchenfeld (Rabbit Field) add a touch of colour and some much needed shine to an otherwise unremarkable stretch of the Chausseestraße in Berlin. The Kaninchenfeld is one of seven artworks selected from a host of competition entries to mark the locations of Cold War Berlin’s inner city border crossing […]


Erdal Inci – Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization

Turkish new media artist Erdal Inci has gone to incredible lengths to get across the true scale of the Berlin Wall with his project Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization. When we think about the Berlin Wall, despite having an idea of its length, we can’t easily envisage its real size.  With this question in my […]