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Photos From My Phone – April

At the end of March I finally got around to upgrading my iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 5 and as a result I’ve been taking a lot more photos with my phone whilst I’m out and about in Berlin.

It was at the start of April that I really started to notice the sweet machines on the walls of the city.

Sweet Machine in Berlin

The ease of taking photos with my iPhone meant that I captured more of the interesting patterns in the city’s architecture like these coloured blinds contrasted against the concrete of a Kreuzberg building…

Colour Blinds in Berlin

…and a Plattenbau near Alexanderplatz.

Plattenbau at Alexanderplatz in Berlin

And I snapped scenes that caught my eye like these girls walking under the artwork in the U-Bahnhof at Schloßstrasse.

Artwork at U-Bhf Schloßstrasse in Berlin

A great new food event – Street Food Thursday at Markthalle IX – started in April in Berlin and means there’s more time to enjoy the incredible sandwiches, like this Beef Brisket, at Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

A Beef Brisket at Big Stuff Smoked BBQ in Markthalle IX Berlin

…which I followed up with cocktails at Würgeengel.

Daiquiri at Würgeengel - a Berlin Cocktail Bar

I spotted this cheeky monkey on my way to take pictures of one of the huge black & white portraits in JR’s Wrinkles of the City project in Berlin.

Cheeky Monkey - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

As well as the JR exhibition at Galerie Henrik Springmann I would also highly recommend the Olympus OM-D Photography Playground at the Opernwerkstätten.  I took lots of photos of this wonderful installation by Korean artist, Jongmoon Choi.

Olympus OM-D Photography Playground in Berlin

Another consequence of taking more phone photos is that I have become more fond of Instagram and the breathtaking photos of Miss Underground inspired me to look for empty spaces in the Berlin U-Bahn like the exit at U-Bhf Klosterstrasse.

U-Bhf Klosterstrasse in Berlin

And finally, sunset season is well and truly underway in Berlin.  Seeing the pink skies out of my window I grabbed my phone and captured this sunset over Mauerpark from my balcony.

Berlin sunset over Mauerpark from my balcony

If you’d like to keep up with my continued exploration of Berlin in real-time follow me on Instagram.


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