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Sunday Documentary: Ai Weiwei Drifting

For the documentary Ai Weiwei Drifting, a film crew from the Deutsche Welle followed Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist who has made his home in Berlin, around the world for over a year. During this time Ai Weiwei was making his own documentary, Human Flow, about the plight of refugees. Ai Weiwei understands very well […]


Sunday Documentary: Knut and Friends

Knut and Friends tells the story of Knut, a polar bear born in captivity in Berlin Zoo and contrasts his early life with three polar bears born in the wild in the arctic and two orphaned brown bears in the forests of Belarus. Born on 5 December 2006, Knut and his brother (who died just […]


Sunday Documentary: Komet Bernhard – Unframing Reality

Komet Bernhard is a Berlin nightlife legend.  Like Techno, Wegbier from the Späti and clubs that don’t close, he epitomises what makes a night out in Berlin…um…so Berlin.  Komet Bernhard – Unframing Reality is a documentary that offers a glimpse into his life. Bernhard Enste (67) was given the name Komet Bernhard by the children […]


Sunday Documentary: Abandoned Berlin

With Ciarán Fahey, author of the hugely popular Abandoned Berlin, as his guide, Jordi Busquets explores some of Berlin’s most popular urbex location for his documentary, also entitled, Abandoned Berlin. Urbex (an abbreviation of urban exploration) is an increasingly popular hobby or pastime, as more and more people appreciate the beauty in decay and the […]


Sunday Documentary: Berlin Riots (1953) – British Pathé

Berlin Riots is a British Pathé newsreel reporting on the 17 June 1953 uprising of workers against the Communist regime in East Germany. A general feeling of discontent with social and economic conditions in East Germany had been building for some time but the events of June 1953 were the first major acts of rebellion […]


Sunday Documentary: Spies Beneath Berlin

Spies Beneath Berlin is a documentary about Operation Gold, a joint undertaking by MI6 and the CIA in the 1950s to build a tunnel from West to East Berlin to intercept Soviet intelligence communications. One of the most valuable and daring operations ever undertaken. – Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA 1953-1961 In 1951 the already […]


Sunday Documentary: Megastructures – Berlin Train Terminal

Berlin Train Terminal from the National Geographic Megastructures series is a documentary about the construction of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof train station. In the words of National Geographic: In Berlin, a construction team races to finish Europe’s newest and largest train station before the football World Cup.  Follow the team as it attempts an engineering feat […]


Doping for Gold – Drugs and East German sport

State Plan 14.25, the official name for the East German program for improving athletic success through the use of performance-enhancing drugs, is the subject of the documentary Doping For Gold. In the 1970s and 1980s East German athletes were prolific medal winners but their achievements were overshadowed by rumours of widespread steroid abuse. Documents from […]