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Everyday Berlin – Visual Poem by Alex Soloviev

A piper plays on the Lustgarten in front of the Altes Museum in Berlin - still from Everyday Berlin by Alex Soloviev

Photo: Still from Everyday Berlin by Alex Soloviev

Everyday Berlin is a visual poem about the city by Alex Soloviev – a short film that follows as people go about their daily lives.

The film is a series of fleeting moments that give an overall impression of life in Berlin.

Berlin is a very different city.  (A) city with (a) special spirit of freedom and lightness.  In this short I tried to tell how I see everyday Berlin with Berliners, sounds and tourists.

Soloviev focuses on the people as they move about the city or take a moment to appreciate their surroundings but there are some familiar sights: the street art in the Hof at Rosenthaler Straße 39, Altes Museum and Schloß Charlottenburg and the film ends with tranquil scenes in the Tiergarten.

Regular readers may also recognise the eye pasted in black and white high on a building on Getraudenstraße in Mitte by JR from his Wrinkles of the City project.

If you liked Everyday Berlin, you may want to take a look at Alex Soloviev’s Vimeo channel and get his impressions of other cities, including Paris, Vienna and Madrid.

Everyday Berlin – Visual Poem

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