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Berlin Police Twitter Marathon 2016

Berlin Police Twitter Marathon 2016 - Berlin Police live tweet for 24 hours the situations and call they deal with including the most Dit is Berlin (that's Berlin) moment - #Köpenick The party on the 2nd floor is too loud for the party above on the 3rd floor #24hPoliceLast weekend was the Berlin Police Twitter Marathon 2016 – for 24 hours the police live tweeted the situations that they were called to in German and English, starting Friday evening, with hilarious consequences.

In a city where ACAB graffiti is scrawled across countless walls, this was as much about generating some good PR as keeping the public informed and plenty of the tweets showed that the Berlin Police have a sense of humour.

The tweet in the title image was my all time favourite for it’s ultimate ‘Dit is Berlin’ (that’s Berlin) sentiment.

And this wasn’t the only noise complaint by a long shot.

As you would expect, there were plenty of thieves out there.

But not everyone was after the usual wallets, watches and other valuables

It being the weekend, there were plenty of people who had a bit too much to drink with the usual consequences: nudity, fighting and vandalism.

A fair few people were ‘caught short’, including some prostitutes on the Kurfürstenstraße.

And in a bizarre twist, someone needed help getting out of a graveyard.  Presumably not a long-term resident.

It wasn’t all fun and games though.  Unbelievably, in a day and age when we’re all aware of the potential personal consequences of such actions and only the most idiotic could not be aware of how it could affect others, there are still people who call the emergency number and waste the police’s time.

This is the third Berlin Police Twitter Marathon and I would recommend following @PolizeiBerlin_I (English) or @PolizeiBerlin_E (German) in preparation for the next 24 hours in the life of the Berliner Polizei and the inevitable new collection of amusing tweets.


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