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Berlin City by Matthias Makarinus

The Oberbaumbrücke bathed in a soft orange glow with ice on the Spree during a Berlin winter from the video, Berlin City by Matthias MakarinusMatthias Makarinus has done it again – his latest video Berlin City is another masterpiece of videography that shows Berlin at its most moody, beautiful and best.

Over the course of 10 minutes Makarinus shows us Berlin in summer and winter, spring and autumn; under blue, black, pink, orange and grey skies.  We see the Berliner Dom, Reichstag and Fernsehturm. There are shots from the Berlin Marathon, Festival of Lights and No Pants Subway Ride; there is wind, rain and blinding sunshine as people march, run, walk and drive around the city.

Makarinus uses time-lapse, hyperlapse, slow motion and tilt-shift techniques – all of it in stunning 4K.

In short, Berlin City by Matthias Makarinus is a spectacular representation of the German capital that will thrill residents and visitors alike and undoubtedly inspire many others to visit the city.

If you’re unfamiliar with Matthias Makarinus’s work you can find more from him on his website and Vimeo channel – I highly recommend checking out more of his videos, especially Berlin Dynamic and Berlin Time.

Berlin City by Matthias Makarinus

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