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Photos From My Phone – January

The new year started with a bang – well, lots of them actually.  I spent my first Silvester (New Year’s Eve) in Berlin and went to watch the fireworks at Brandenburger Tor from a side street near Potsdamer Platz.  Here’s a short video:


For anyone who hasn’t experienced it, Silvester in Berlin is mental, with people launching rockets from their hands and throwing bangers at the feet of other revellers.  For a bit of an insight into just how ridiculous it can be, check out this video shot in Neukölln that night:


January is the month I finally succumbed to the lure of instagram and also discovered the joys of another great new app – Untapp’d – thanks to Gilly.  This is foursquare for boozing – check in your beers.

Potsdamer Rex Pils bottle top

After Christmas in Cardiff and some time settling back in to my Berlin routine I was getting Currywurst withdrawal symptoms so I headed to my favourite Berlin Imbisszur Bratpfanne.  Even standing around in freezing temperatures this is one hell of a lunch.

Currywurst mit Pommes at zur Bratpfanne in Berlin

Popping into the Hof at Haus Schwarzenberg near Hackescher Markt I saw this sticker by Mein Lieber Prost.

Prost - Joke Sticker - a twist on the Shepard Fairey Obama Hope poster by Mein Lieber Prost in Berlin

I spotted this ‘TANZ’ (dance) sign from a distance as I walked along Chaussestrasse and only realised as I got close that it is on the side of the Hafen Bar, somewhere I’ve been told I have to go for the Schlager (more withdrawal symptoms since Schmankerl-Hüttn closed).

Tanz (Dance) - Sign at Hafen Bar Berlin

The Berliner Philharmonie (Berlin Philharmonic) looks a little bit like a cross between a circus tent and an alien spaceship.

Berliner Philharmonie - The Berlin Philharmonic Hall at dusk on a snowy cold day

Beelitz-Heilstätten is a former tuberculosis sanatorium and German military hospital, where amongst others, Adolf Hitler convalesced after the First World War.  An hour or so from central Berlin, it has been abandoned for many years and is a popular urbex destination.  Most of the buildings have been secured now and this post indicates that someone is charging curious souls for entry.

Beelitz-Heilstätten - an abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium and German military hospital near Berlin

I spotted this cheeky cow when I was wandering around Kreuzberg on the day I found most of the Street Art that would feature in my MTO – Photorealistic Street Art in Berlin and Finding AliCé By Accident posts.

Cheeky Cow - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Berlin went Bowie mad in January after he released Where Are We Now?  Read more about Bowie’s Berlin in my Famous Berliners: David Bowie post.

Bowie Insurrection Sticker by Maxx on a Berlin lamp post

There was plenty of snow in Berlin in January and someone built this snow princess outside the hairdresser next to my building.

Snow Princess in Berlin

Why not follow me on instagram to keep up with my Berlin wanders – andberlinblog.  And if you like a beer download Untappd and find me – andberlin.

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  1. notmsparker 11 February, 2013 at 13:37 #

    The Snow Princess rulez!;-)

  2. Maxx 1 March, 2014 at 12:43 #

    Thank you for having shared my Bowie Sticker.
    Here is my new one:

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