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MTO: Photorealistic Street Art in Berlin

PROST - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

MTO is a French born-Berlin based Street Artist who produces incredible large-scale photorealistic pieces.  Seeing his work on closed shop shutters makes getting up early to wander the streets of Kreuzberg worthwhile.

Pump Up The Volume - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

Shiva Jolie - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

Heeere's Kreuzberg - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

This Spike LEE in Görlitzer Park is remarkably intact for its age.

Spike LEE: Photorealistic Street Art by MTO in Berlin

MTO painted a series of portraits of ‘Berlin Street Fighters’ – artists and activists that included the top photo of PROST.

ALIAS - Street Art by MTO in Berlin aka “Mr 6” - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

SP38 - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

His series ‘Oldies But Goodies’ included this now slightly worse for wear (not unlike the man himself) Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

I’ve also seen a great Michael Jackson piece in the RAW Tempel, which I’m convinced I have photos of but can’t find.  If I dig them out I’ll post them here and if they’re lost, I’ll take some more.

**Update** I couldn’t find the photos so I’ve been back to take more photos.  Unfortunately, Michael Jackson is now smoking a spliff (not part of the original MTO piece).

Michael Jackson - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

Rio Reiser “König von Kreuzberg” - Street Art by MTO in Berlin

You can see the artist at work on a couple of pieces in Rennes in the video Who Wants To Kill MTO?, which he posted to Vimeo.

Who Wants To Kill MTO?

[vimeo w=500&h=375]

Like most Street Artists, MTO is no stranger to controversy but the furore over the Fast Life mural he painted in Sarasota, Florida probably came as a surprise.

The piece came under fire over what some believed to be gang symbolism and was eventually whitewashed.  MTO then returned to Sarasota to paint a new mural that many believe was a dig at Scott Gerber, the owner of Tube Dude, the shop on which the original mural was painted.

You can read more about the story on This Week In Sarasota and see the original Fast Life piece on MTO’s Flickr.

You can see more incredible Street Art by MTO, including more work outside Berlin, on his Facebook page and Flickr stream.

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