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Bergmann Curry

Currwurst & Chips (Currwurst mit Pommes) at Bergmann Curry, an Imbiss on Bergamnnstrasse in Kreuzberg, BerlinI went to Bergmann Curry a few weeks back on the recommendation of @jeroenvanmarle.  Jeroen had read my post singing the praises of Zur Bratpfanne and knew about my quest for the ‘Best of the Wurst’ in Berlin.

There are hundreds of Imbisse selling Currywurst in Berlin and quality and flavour seem to vary quite a bit amongst the various stalls and restaurants so I’ve been trying to suss out the star players.

I was in Kreuzberg searching out some more modified street signs by CLET, so it seemed logical to have lunch at Bergmann Curry.  The Imbiss is on Bergmann Strasse not far from the Marheineke Markthalle.

Bergmann Curry, an Imbiss on Bergamnnstrasse in Kreuzberg, Berlin

If my experience there is anything to go by I have to say that this has to be one of the friendliest Currywurst vendors in the city.  If only my German was better I might have understood what the man behind the counter was saying to the customers to make them laugh so much.

I ordered my usual, Currywurst and Chips, (Currywurst mit Pommes) and washed it down with a beer (of course).

The sauce here is ladled out of a large pot and so I asked for a little extra for my chips (I still haven’t got used to the idea of adding mayonnaise).

The sausage was good quality, the sauce was tasty (but not in the same league as Zur Bratpfanne) and the chips were spot on.

To sum it up, Bergmann Curry serves up a very pleasant snack and the service is first-class but for me it’s not ‘the one’.

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2 Responses to Bergmann Curry

  1. notmsparker 19 September, 2012 at 12:04 #

    And I´ve been sitting here, cold and hungry, thinking: Where can I eat something warm and laden with calories? Thanks for this:)) Bergmann Curry, I hear you call me name!

    • andBerlin 19 September, 2012 at 12:22 #

      Gern geschehen! Always glad to be of service.

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