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Curry 36 – Currywurst in Berlin

The Curry 36 Imbiss on Mehringdamm in BerlinCurry 36 is another very popular Imbiss and the sight of my introduction to Currywurst during my first trip to Berlin in 2009.  I chose it for my first meal in Berlin because it was in the Lonely Planet Encounters guide I had bought and the idea of a Curry / Sausage combo appealed to me.

On that day I stood at a table in T-Shirt and shorts and sipped a cold beer to cool me down.  Today I was wrapped up in gloves and a hat but I still had a beer because…well, because I could.

This Imbiss (openend in 1980) on Mehringdamm (just 50m or so south of the U-Bahn exit) in Kreuzberg can get very crowded but luckily today I didn’t have long to wait.  I ordered a Currywurst (ohne Darm) with chips and a Schultheiss, all for EUR 4.30.  Without the beer it would have come to EUR 2.80 so this is slightly cheaper than Konnopke’s Imbiss.

Currywurst and Chips (Currywurst hit Pommes) at Curry 36 on Mehringdamm in Berlin

Here, the sauce is more like a curry sauce than a ketchup and I would say it has the edge over Konnopke’s for taste.  Unfortunately, you don’t get quite so much of it.  I’ll have to remember for next time (because there will definitely be a next time) to ask for ketchup on my chips.  The chips are just as good but I think that the sausage itself is probably not quite as tasty…but it’s a close run thing.  I think that the presentation could be improved (but now I’m just being picky) because, looking at the photo as I’m posting it, it doesn’t do it justice.

Overall, a quality snack and like Konnopke’s Imbiss fantastic value for money.  And for now I’d say that Curry 36 is just about my favourite*

* My opinion has changed as I have eaten Currywurst all over Berlin – check out Best Currywurst in Berlin post here.

I think that a few people eating at Curry 36 today thought I was a bit of a loon taking a picture of my lunch and then pictures of the Imbiss.  With a bit of luck some of them thought I was a journalist in town for Fashion Week, writing an article about my time in Berlin.

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