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ALIAS: Busy in Berlin

Friday seems to be the day for discovering great (fresh) street art in Berlin.  On Good Friday it was AliCé and the Friday just gone – ALIAS. I spotted one of these pieces from the tram window as I was heading out for a wander on Friday morning so on the way home I got […]


AliCé in Wunderstadt

I realise that the title is Denglish – it’s not grammatically correct in German and doesn’t make sense in English (and the name AliCé is neither) – but I couldn’t resist it. Good Friday really lived up to its name for me.  I walked around Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg taking photographs of the incredible art of […]

Old Man With A Beard: Street Art by C215 (Christian Guémy) in Berlin

Berlin Street Art: C215 on Frankfurter Allee

I spotted these two pieces by C215 on Frankfurter Allee on a Street Art spotting mission in Friedrichshain. C215 (real name Christian Guémy) is a Parisian street artist.  He favours portraits in his stencils, which often depict those marginalised by society. Luckily for me he likes putting up work in Berlin and I’ve seen a […]


El Bocho on the streets of Berlin

Walking between Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz this afternoon I came across some new paste-ups by Berlin-based street artist, El Bocho. El Bocho has been putting up work on the streets of Berlin since 1997 and anyone who has wandered around central Berlin is sure to have seen some of his art. His most recognisable character […]


Vhils – Go Forth: Street Art in Berlin

I decided last night that my post today would be a photo of this Vhils I spotted on Chausseestrasse last week.   When I googled ‘Vhils Chausseestrasse’, in an attempt to be more descriptive about the location, I came across this post about four Vhils murals in Berlin. This by no means falls into the category of […]

Manic in the Sun: Street Art by C215 in Berlin

Street Art – February 2012

I’ve just got around to editing my Street Art photos from February and created a gallery for the pick of them here.  All the photos from my ‘A Berlin Hof Spot’ post are included and some extras from that Hof near Café Cinema. Is it me or does this C215 piece bear a resemblance to the clown I […]