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Fuerst Wiacek – Gypsy brewers on the hunt for a home base

Fuerst Wiacek Logo / Photo: Fuerst Wiacek via Facebook

It looks like self-proclaimed gypsy brewers Fuerst Wiacek (a partnership between Georg Fuerst and Lukasz Wiacek – see what they did there!) are looking for a more permanent base in Berlin. They posted an appeal on Facebook and Instagram on Sunday for leads on an 800mproduction space.

This is exciting news for New England IPA drinkers. Fuerst Wiacek have brewed some of my favourite Hazy IPAs this year, including some wonderful collaborations. The Fuerst Wiacek Collab-a-thon at Muted Horn in May, where they presented the results of a brewing tour around the UK, was a wonderful showcase of their talents.

Fuerst Wiacek Exploding Rainbows Artwork / Photo: Fuerst Wiacek via Facebook

A permanent home in Berlin will surely mean lots of exciting new beers and increased production of some established favourites like Exploding Rainbows – a beautifully well-balanced, fruity, hazy IPA with a smoothness that belies its 7% ABV.

If you have any suggestions for an 800m space suitable for the next chapter in the Fuerst Wiacek story please leave a comment for them on Facebook or Instagram.

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