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Haus der Offiziere, Wünsdorf – For Sale

The Haus der Offiziere in Wünsdorf offered for sale on

Photo: Immowelt – Haus der Offiziere offered for sale

In the DDR-era, the military complex in Wünsdorf was the Soviet army’s German headquarters and the Haus der Offiziere (The Officers’ House) and a large part of the huge garrison town, known then as Klein-Moskau (Little Moscow) has been empty since the last Soviet troops withdrew from Germany in 1994.

Some of the buildings have been converted to house the Bücher- und Bunkerstadt Wünsdorf (Wünsdorf Book and Bunker Town) with its Garrison Museum and Maybach and Zeppelin bunkers.

There are however, countless buildings that have been left to their own devices and are now in various states of decay.

The Haus der Offiziere and surrounding buildings are the exception.  They are fenced off and guarded, though it is possible to make photo tours with Go2Know or by appointment with the caretaker.

Like many of the abandoned buildings in and around Berlin, plans to renovate the Haus der Offiziere have been made but never realised – as ever, investors who are willing to make these dreams a reality are sought.  The Haus der Offiziere and surrounding buildings are currently for sale on

For the non-German speakers among you I have translated the main text:


In the former garrison town of Wünsdorf, in enchanting parkland, prestigious properties typical of the Imperial Era wait to be discovered by investors. “Think big” may be taken literally here, as even large areas are available in this exceptional environment!

The former military sports school, the so-called. “Haus der Offiziere”, an architectural gem from imperial times is a castle-like ensemble amid beautiful natural parkland. With its generous and complimentary outbuildings grouped around the main house in 12 to 21 hectares of land it offers endless possibilities – from conference centres and / or wellness hotels to a venue for ambitious theatre and music projects.

Location Description

Wünsdorf is just 50 minutes by car from the centre of Berlin and 30 minutes from the future major airport BER Berlin-Schönefeld. Nestled among beguiling lakes with high recreational value and surrounded by vast pine and oak forests, Wünsdorf has lots to offer and not only for nature lovers and those looking to relax. With several museums, historic bunkers and Germany’s first and only “book town”, Wünsdorf has a very special flair.


The building complex of the “Haus der Offiziere” includes five buildings: the three-storey main building with two side wings, the former Diorama, and the former “Pionierhaus” – originally the officers’ mess. Furthermore, the complex has a swimming pool with adjoining boiler house. The pool house boasts original turquoise tiles and generous skylights. Finally, there is the concert hall – formerly a sports hall – with a large seated hall and two spacious halls. In 2009 a piano concerto was given here as part of the Brandenburg Summer Concerts.

So, if you’re interested in owning a bit of German / Soviet Military history and have the money, vision and drive to breathe life back into the Haus der Offiziere in Wünsdorf make Frau Tahiri of EWZ GmbH ‘an offer she can’t refuse’.

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  1. Notmsparker 30 May, 2016 at 09:29 #

    So taking it! Was planning crack the lottery safe-box this week anyway;-)

    • andberlin 30 May, 2016 at 09:52 #

      I’m delighted that it will be going to someone who appreciates its history. I look forward to seeing the photos from the housewarming party 😉

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