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Französischer Dom – Berlin’s French Cathedral

The Cupola and Viewing Gallery of the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) in Berlin from the GendarmenmarktI decided that a clear, bright day was the ideal time to do a spot of climbing and experience some of Berlin’s best views and I started in the morning with a visit to the Französischer Dom (the French Cathedral) on the Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin’s more picturesque squares, and later in the day visited the Siegessäule.

Entry costs EUR 3 and the viewing platform is reached by a spiralling staircase.  I counted 236 steps (on the way down as I was concentrating on breathing on the way up) but at the foot of the stairs it indicates there are 254 (I suspect this may be to the top of the tower where the bells are, a little above the entrance to the balustraded viewing gallery).

Looking up at the bells inside the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) in Berlin

As well as overlooking the Gendarmenmarkt, the climb is rewarded with views over Mitte, the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) and the Fernsehturm (TV Tower), which is omnipresent on the Berlin Skyline (but I never tire of seeing it, especially from new vantage points).

The Französischer Dom is at the north of the square and the vewing platform provides a fantastic view past the Konzerthaus (Concert House) to the Deutscher Dom (the German Cathedral) in the south.

The view across the Gendarmenmarkt from the Französischer Dom (French Cathedral) to the Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral) in Berlin

Neither church is in actual fact a Cathedral, both colloquial names are derived from their domed towers.

When the weather is a little warmer I would like to go back and climb the Französischer Dom again and see how Berlin looks as it lights up for the evening.

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