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Berlin Summer Rave 2013

Last night I went to my first Berlin Summer Rave at the disused Tempelhof Airport – a great location despite the distinctly un-summer-y weather. I went with Summer Rave veterans Steffi, Bine and Olli and after a few short queues in the Berlin rain we could feel the bass even before we entered the building. […]

The Berlin Airlift (screenshot from the documentary Cold War - Berlin 1948-1949)

Sunday Documentary: Cold War – Berlin 1948 – 1949

Part 4 of the fascinating and extensive Cold War documentary series by the Cold War International History Project, Berlin 1948 – 1949, deals with the response of the Western Allies to the Soviet Blockade of Berlin – the Berlin Airlift (Die Luftbrücke). Surrounded as it was by East Germany, West Berlin was dependent on a […]


Tempelhof Airport

A tour of the disused Tempelhof Airport in Berlin offers a fascinating insight into the city’s history, an example of public space being put to good use, if only temporarily, and leaves unanswered questions about the area’s future. During Berlin Fashion Week I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to the Bread […]