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Teenage Bottlerocket - American Deutsch Bag EP Artwork

Ohrwurm: Teenage Bottlerocket – Ich bin Ausländer

Anyone learning German will at some point have used a variation on the lyrics of my current Ohrwurm, Teenage Bottlerocket – Ich bin Ausländer. Whether it’s at the bank attempting to set up that first Konto, the dreaded Anmeldung at the Bürgeramt or just chatting with friends, we’ve all had to point out our shortcomings […]

Und ich singe diese Lieder - still from the video for Lieder by Adel Tawil

Ohrwurm: Adel Tawil – Lieder

Lieder by Adel Tawil should possibly come with a warning as it is essentially 32 Ohrwürme in one (if my Maths is right).  The English translation of the title is ‘Songs’ and the lyrics refer to other songs, e.g. the first line ‘Ich ging wie ein Ägypter’ – I walk like an Egyptian – is a […]


Ohrwurm: Niki & The Dove – DJ, Ease My Mind

Niki & The Dove – DJ, Ease My Mind has been playing on repeat in my head since I heard it when I walked into a Berlin clothes shop last week.  I first heard the song when it featured in the BBC Sound of 2012 list but hadn’t thought of it since. This unofficial video (the […]


Ohrwurm: The Lightning Seeds – Pure

Reading about Ian Broudie‘s contribution as producer to my last Ohrwurm: The Coral Dreaming Of You, has given me another, The Lightning Seeds – Pure. I remember buying the single on 7″ from a newsagent that was selling off old Jukebox records and driving my parents mad by playing the song on repeat. For me, […]

The Coral - Dreaming Of You (screenshot from Official Video)

Ohrwurm: The Coral – Dreaming Of You

The Coral – Dreaming of you has been an Ohrwurm for at least a week now and last night I heard it at Rock n Roll Bingo at White Trash Fast Food. The song, released in 2002, was taken from the band’s debut album and was produced by Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds fame. […]


Ohrwurm: Die Toten Hosen – “Tage wie diese”

The refrain from Die Toten Hosen – “Tage wie diese” has been my Ohrwurm for days, though I found out on the weekend that I had completely the wrong lyrics in mind. This was one of the songs that was played at Schmankerl-Hüttn and has stuck with me after it closed. The video mixes live […]


Ohrwurm: David Hasselhoff – Looking For Freedom

Today’s Ohrwurm is David Hasselhoff – Looking For Freedom, which seems appropriate on a day when the people of Berlin are again protesting at the wall. David Hasselhoff singing on top of the Berlin Wall, with the Brandenburg Gate as a backdrop, on New Year’s Eve 1989 came at a time when people were celebrating […]


Ohrwurm: Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty – For Lovers

There was a time in the UK when it seemed you couldn’t open a newspaper or switch on the TV without seeing a story about Pete Doherty.  And I never really got the hype. Sure, The Libertines produced a few good tracks but his erratic behaviour and often shambolic performances meant it was always likely […]


Ohrwurm: The Vaccines – Teenage Icon

I first heard The Vaccines – Teenage Icon on one of the Berlin videos I was considering when I put together the posts for my Video Week.  The refrain ‘I’m no teenage icon, I’m no Frankie Avalon’ has been stuck in my head ever since. The Vaccines – Teenage Icon [vimeo w=500&h=281]