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Lon-Men’s Noodle House – A taste of Taiwan in Berlin

There is no shortage of Asian restaurants in Berlin – in fact there are tons of them whose concept is no more specific, selling a mixture of Vietnamese, Thai and Sushi dishes – but finding authentic Taiwanese food at Lon-Men’s Noodle House is a godsend. Without a recommendation from Stil in Berlin (one of my […]


Stolpersteine 194

I have added photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin over the past week to my Stolpersteine Gallery. The Stolpersteine I saw were memorials to: Eliser Ehrenreich and Martha Gerson (Mommsenstrasse 69) You can find out more about artist Gunter Demnig his Stolpersteine project, that recognises the individuals who suffered at the hands of National Socialism, in my […]


Stolpersteine 191

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery to include a photo of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin over the last week. The Stolperstein I saw was laid in memory of Luise Kautsky (Windscheidstrasse 31). My first post about Stolpersteine gives more background about these memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.


Stolpersteine 189 – 190

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery to include photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin in the past week. The Stolpersteine I saw were dedicated to: Rosa Phiebig, Charlotte Heilborn, Erwin Nellhaus, Marie Lion, Else Moser, Emilie Kass, Ida Elsbach, Selma Grünthal, Salomo Goldstein, Paul Rathe, Otto Rathe, Gertrud Friedlaender, Wilhelm Abramczyk, Gertrud Abramczyck, Gertrud Katzenstein, Alice […]


Marjellchen – Hearty and delicious German food in Berlin

I think it’s fair to say that German cuisine (for some, that’s an oxymoron right there) doesn’t always get a good press but anyone who doubts the quality of deutsche Küche obviously hasn’t eaten at Marjellchen in Berlin. My exposure to traditional Berlin food so far has consisted of Currwurst and Döner (and I’m a […]


Famous Berliners: David Bowie

Almost three weeks ago now, on his 66th birthday, David Bowie surprised everyone by releasing a new song – Where Are We Now? – a melancholy tune that reflects on his time living in Berlin in the 1970s. Following the new single’s release my social media feeds were abuzz with (mainly positive) reactions and Berlin […]


Stolpersteine 187 – 188

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery to include photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin in the last week. The Stolpersteine I saw were dedicated to: Richard Wilde, Wolfgang Wilde, Martha Kiwi, Regina Warszawski, Fanny Elkan, Josef Gross, Margarete Gross, Rudolf Kirchheim (Wielandstrasse 30); Wolf M Ehrenreich, Ernst W Ehrenreich, Rosa Hirschweh, Curt Hirschweh and Gertrud […]


Famous Berliners: The Brothers Grimm

I’m currently reading The Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Grimms Märchen) so Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm seemed like a logical choice to launch a new series of posts on andBerlin – Famous Berliners. In this series I hope to present some of the characters whose histories have become entwined with the history of the city itself […]


Stolpersteine 184 – 186

I have added the photos of the Stolpersteine I have seen in Berlin over the past week to the photo gallery here. The Stolpersteine I saw were memorials to: Hedwig Salomon, Arthur Silbermann, Jenny Themal, Abraham Jüttner, Else Jüttner, Sieobert Jüttner, Bela and Ingeborg Jüttner (Mommsenstrasse 45); Martha Konicki (Mommsenstrasse 55); Gertrud Gumpert and Dr Fritz Gumpert (Mommsenstrasse […]