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Still from Stainless, Alexanderplatz by Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar – Stainless, Alexanderplatz

I am constantly amazed by the incredible effects that some people are able to create with a camera and editing techniques I could only dream of mastering.  One of the most mind-blowing Berlin videos I have seen is Stainless, Alexanderplatz by Adam Magyar, a Hungarian photographer based in Berlin. Stainless, Alexanderplatz is a super slow […]


Snapshot: Berlin Fernsehturm From Below

I can’t resist taking photos of the Fernsehturm in Berlin, especially on sunny days. This photo was taken as I walked under the TV tower from Alexanderplatz station in November after taking the shot featured in my Snapshot: Fernsehturm and Alexanderplatz Station post.


Snapshot: Wheel’s On Fire

This photo of the Ferris Wheel near Alexanderplatz in Berlin, set up as part of the Berliner Weichnachtszeit Christmas Market, was taken from a spot near the base of the Fernsehturm, as the sun began to set on an autumn evening. Click here to see an image of the same Ferris Wheel at night.


Photos From My Phone – November

Another new series on andBerlin, Photos From My Phone, is a monthly round up of some of the things I’ve seen and done in Berlin, many of which I won’t have blogged about. If you follow me on Twitter or Like my page on Facebook you may have seen some of these snaps before. So […]

A Ferris Wheel set up for the Berliner Weihnachtszeit Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz and the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) in Berlin

Snapshot: Ferris Wheel and Rotes Rathaus at Night

This is the same Ferris Wheel as featured in my Snapshot: Fernsehturm and Ferris Wheel post.  It has been set up in Berlin near the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain) on the south western side of the Fernsehturm as part of the Berliner Weihnachtszeit Christmas Market near Alexanderplatz.  In the background you can see the Rotes Rathaus (Red […]

The Volksbühne and surrounding area in Berlin from the Fernehturm (TV Tower) at Alexanderplatz

Berlin From Above: The Sunset From The Fernsehturm

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to take a VIP trip up the Fernsehturm in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz and to make it even more special I got to watch the sunset form Berlin’s highest vantage point. I had been out for the afternoon with my friend Bine doing the Schnitzeljagd (Scavenger Hunt) around […]


Karl-Marx-Allee – Architecture of East Berlin

The influence of Soviet-style architecture on DDR-era construction in East Berlin is plain to see on Karl-Marx-Allee, which runs from Alexanderplatz to Frankfurter Tor. Yesterday, I set out from home with no plan other than to make the most of the sun and get a bit of fresh air.  I just wandered.  And I ended […]