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Marisa Hampe surrounded by pink smoke at an abandoned warehouse in Berlin by Jeisson Martin - still from '#EXPLOREEVERYTHING in the underground subway system of Berlin' on YouTube

Photo: Still from ‘#EXPLOREEVERYTHING in the underground subway system of Berlin’ by Jeisson Martin

Berlin-based photographer Jeisson Martin is willing to go further than most to ‘get the shot’, as you can see in his video series #EXPLOREEVERYTHING on his YouTube channel.

The videos show Jeisson exploring the Berlin U-bahn tunnels and a rooftop with fellow instagrammer Franz Becker and an abandoned warehouse with his girlfriend Marisa Hampe.

Welcome to my crib!

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My favourite shot of 2015! Check the link in my Bio for the video to it!

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Jeisson Martin may be willing to go to extraordinary lengths to explore Berlin and make beautifully breathtaking images of the city but he acknowledges the risks involved.  All three videos have the following warning in the description.


The actions seen in this video could lead to serious injury, arrest or even death. We insist that the actions taken place in this video not be recreated or re-enacted in any way.

There are obviously plenty out there who enjoy exploring Berlin vicariously through Jeisson’s camera – as at the time of writing his Instagram account has 36,000 followers – and I would recommend joining them.

#EXPLOREEVERYTHING in the underground subway system of Berlin

Martin and Becker enter the U-Bahn at one of my favourite stations, the very ‘70s looking Schloßstraße, where they hop the fence on the platform and walk off into the train tunnels.

This video is your chance to see the maintenance access tunnels and staircases of the Berlin U-Bahn system without risking life or liberty.

#EXPLOREEVERYTHING Daylight rooftopping in the hood of Berlin

This time, the two intrepid explorers scale scaffolding to get to higher ground and photograph the U-Bahn trains from above.  Stopping to dangle his feet over the edge of the rooftop of the Zentrum Kreuzberg, Martin looks down on the peaked roof of the station at Kottbusser Tor.

#EXPLOREEVERYTHING smoke and fire in an abandoned Hall in Berlin!

Accompanied in the final instalment in the trilogy by his girlfriend, Jeisson Martin plays with pink smoke canisters and a flaming aerosol to enhance his shots of an abandoned warehouse.

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