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Fräulein Frost – Ice Cream That Gives You Chills

Chocolate and Vanilla at Fräulein Frost Ice Cream Parlour in BerlinIn the summer Berliners go bonkers for ice cream and lots of these Eis crazy people head to Fräulein Frost for a scoop or two (and sometimes more) of the good stuff.

Vanilla and Chocolate at Fräulein Frost Ice Cream Parlour in Berlin

Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream

Berlin’s schizophrenic weather means that no one is able to acclimatise to the summer heat – one minute it’s sub 20 degrees and the next 35+.  When the temperature lurches like that there are 3 main options for cooling down – a lake swim, cold drinks at a Biergarten or ice cream.

On hot days, despite having one of the biggest ice cream parlours I’ve ever seen, the queues at Fräulein Frost on Friedelstrasse (the only one of their 3 shops I’ve been to) snake out of the door.

Chocolate and Cheesecake Biscuit at Fräulein Frost Ice Cream Parlour in Berlin

Chocolate and Cheesecake Biscuit Ice Cream

People are willing to queue for a reason – the Eis here is that good.  I normally opt for a couple of scoops in a pot – Chocolate and Vanilla but last summer I had an incredible Käsekuchen-Keks (Cheesecake Biscuit), which I think must have been a special because it wasn’t on the menu on my last visit.

So if you’re anywhere near Fräulein Frost on Friedelstrasse (find details of their other locations on their Facebook page) on a hot day grab an ice cream and head to the canal afterwards to sit by the water.

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