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PraterGarten – Berlin’s Oldest Beer Garden

The crowd at PraterGarten Beer Garden in BerlinWhen it comes to summer drinking, PraterGarten, a sprawling beer garden in Prenzlauer Berg is a Berlin institution.

The Audience Enjoys a Performace at PraterGarten Berlin - Photo from the Bundesarchiv

Photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-72750-0057 / CC-BY-SA [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

The roots of the PraterGarten can be traced back to 1837, making it Berlin’s oldest beer garden, and in its time it has hosted a huge variety of cultural events including theatre, film screenings, political meetings and even boxing matches.  It is Prater’s ability to diversify its uses and adapt to changing times that has allowed it to survive so long.  You can read more about its fascinating history on the PraterGarten website.

The latest reincarnation of the venue as the Prater Biergarten in a reunited Berlin was opened on the Whitsun (Pfingsten) weekend in 1996.

Crowd at PraterGarten Beer Garden in Berlin

Beer at PraterGarten Beer Garden Berlin

Drinkers at PraterGarten Beer Garden in Berlin

The beer garden at Prater is open from April to September daily from 12:00 (weather permitting) and has seating for 600.  The traditional tables and benches are nestled amongst large chestnut trees and the open-air stage is still used for performances of the Volksbühne theatre.

Drinkers at PraterGarten Beer Garden Berlin

Menu at PraterGarten Beer Garden in Berlin

Bratwurst at PraterGarten Beer Garden Berlin


As well as the beer, Prater also serves food – there’s a range of snacks including Kartoffelsalat, Pretzels, Bratwurst and a very tasty Lammwurst available in the Biergarten and more substantial German dishes served year round at the Prater Gastätte.

The sign at PraterGarten Beer Garden Berlin

Its status as Berlin’s oldest beer garden ensures that PraterGarten is widely publicised in guide books and therefore popular with tourists but it is also arguably one of Berlin’s best beer gardens and is thus also well attended by locals.

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