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90s Boiler Room – 90s Chart Classics Get The Boiler Room Treatment

Richie Hawtin in 90s Boiler Room Barbie Girl Video

Richie Hawtin in 90s Boiler Room’s Barbie Girl video

Regulars at Boiler Room live sets were probably crying into their Club Mate earlier this month at the news that regular Berlin venue Stattbad has been forced to close (temporarily I hope) but now they have something to smile about.  Over the last 10 days some clever sod with the username 90’s Boiler Room has been setting the internet alight with YouTube clips of some of the best Boiler Room DJs “playing” some “classic” 90s music.

Video from the Boiler Room archive of live sets has been perfectly synced to the kind of pop hits that would get the DJs stoned out of the club if they dropped them for real.

With its Berlin connection, my pick of the bunch is David August bouncing away to David Hasselhoff’s Looking for Freedom but to be honest every single one of the 90s Boiler Room YouTube channel’s 9 videos so far is pure gold – just imagine if Sven Väth really did throw in Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) or Richie Hawtin decided the mood was just right for a bit of Barbie Girl.

David August improvises a mind-blowing live song. WOW.

Sven Väth dropping a BOMB at Boiler Room Berlin

Richie Hawtin drops a MINUS classic you’ve probably never heard before!!!‬

Mano Le Tough drops an INSANE beat at Boiler Room Berlin‬

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