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Tarnbeutel – Bag a Bit of Berlin

Tarnbeutel (camouflage bag) - a bag in the pattern of the Berlin U-Bahn seats

Photos: Tarnbeutel

Love it or hate it, there is something very striking and instantly recognisable about the pattern of the seats on the Berlin U-Bahn and thanks to Kreuzberg-born Vinzent Britz you can wear your own piece of it in the shape of his Tarnbeutel (camouflage bag).

The designer was initially pleased to supply his friends but the bags proved popular – those who wore them were often asked where to buy one – and the last edition of 500 bags sold out within three weeks.

The third edition of the Tarnbeutel is now available so if you’d like to carry a little bit of the Berlin U-Bahn with you wherever you go snap your Tarnbeutel up quickly.

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