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MTO - My name is MO

MTO – “My name is MO”

Part street art, part urbex, “My Name is MO” is a very clever video from MTO with the background story to a 1900 square metre mural painted at the Old Pepper Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky. “My name is MO”


Sunday Documentary: FL – Unpremeditated Movie

MTO is a French street artist who bases himself in Berlin and recently posted the documentary FL – Unpremeditated Movie on Vimeo. Art has always had its detractors and modern art will always attract the most controversy. Street Art suffers doubly so because it is attacked from within as well as from the traditional opponents. Over the past […]


MTO: Photorealistic Street Art in Berlin

MTO is a French born-Berlin based Street Artist who produces incredible large-scale photorealistic pieces.  Seeing his work on closed shop shutters makes getting up early to wander the streets of Kreuzberg worthwhile. This Spike LEE in Görlitzer Park is remarkably intact for its age. MTO painted a series of portraits of ‘Berlin Street Fighters’ – artists […]