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The Burgerie sign - a giant burger stack on the pavement on Schönhauser Allee in BerlinThe giant burger stack sign outside Burgerie on Schönhauser Allee is hard to miss but it was the sight of the burgers themselves as people ate at the pavement tables that first caught my eye.

I’ve always been a big fan of a burger – Ronald McDonald was responsible for feeding me a lot of my meals on my Round The World trip years ago – so last week I went to Burgerie to get my fix.

I sat at one of the outdoor tables and ordered a Chili-Burgy (Chilli Burger), which came with spicy chilli sauce, red onions, peppers (paprika) and sour cream.  Being the glutton I am, I went for double meat (doppelt Fleisch) with 2 x 100g patties.  I also ordered a side of chips and the Tomaten-Relish dip (and a Berliner Pilsner to wash it all down of course).

The Chili-Burgy (Chilli Burger) at Burgerie in Berlin

I have to say I was impressed.  The combination of flavours was very good and the chilli sauce had just the right degree of spice.  I’ve not had peppers on a burger before but they were a welcome addition.  The chips were great and the tomato relish was a nice change from ketchup.  Overall – delicious.

Having said that, the burger didn’t have the immense meatiness of Da Birdhouse at The Bird, which is still my favourite in Berlin but for €2.50 less (taking into account the fries too) I guess that’s to be expected.

As it’s only a short walk from home I’m sure I’ll be back at Burgerie to try more of the menu when my burger cravings get too much to bear.

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