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These boots were made for walking

Old boots covered in moss on a wall in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

As there was a fair chance of rain this afternoon I took my walk closer to home.  I walked the streets from Danziger Strasse in the South to Stargarder Strasse in the North and Schonhauser Allee in the West to Prenzlauer Allee in the East.

I was quite taken by the Helmholtzkiez (the area around Helmholtzplatz).  I had been to Wohnzimmer on previous trips to Berlin and ate at Frida Kahlo (Mexican) and Trattoria Felice (Italian) when my parents visited last year.  But walking up and down the streets in the area I was struck by the variety of interesting shops, bars and restaurants: Victoria Met Albert, Peter Fields, Shakespeare and Sons and Osswald to name a few.

Amongst the sights that caught my eye were: a balcony of Gnomes; Street Art by ALIAS and El Bocho; a mossy row of old boots on a wall and a grocery selling DDR products for the nostalgic.

A balcony full of Gnomes in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

Trust No Faces: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Sehnsucht Nach Paris: Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Someone Told Me You Found The Monster Inside Of Me: Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

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