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Back to Kreuzberg

Cat In A Doorway: Street Art by C215 in Berlin

I was back wandering around the streets of Kreuzberg today and spotted another great C215 piece in a doorway near Görlitzer Bahnhof.

When I got back home and was sorting through my photos I realised that I need to find a way to track where I have been in Berlin and what is left to explore.

I’m sure that there is a much more efficient, classy and hi-tec way to do it but I went out to a shop on Kastanianallee and bought myself a red marker pen and marked off streets on one of the free maps I got from the Melia Hotel.  I spent a good hour systematically checking the map and marking off the streets I’ve walked along since I arrived in Berlin last November.

It’s made me realise just how much of Berlin I haven’t explored yet.

Baumhaus an der Mauer (Treehouse by the wall) built by Osman Kalin on East German land on the West Berlin side of the wall in Berlin

A statue of Lenin outside a building off Köpenicker Strasse in Berlin

Spike Lee: Street Art by MTO in Berlin

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