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Vhils by the Spree

Various & Gould: Street Art by Vhils (Alexandre Farto) in Berlin for the Go Forth advertising campaign for Levi’s

Vhils is one of my favourite street artists so when I first saw this piece from a boat chugging along the Spree in the summer I was gutted that I couldn’t get a clean photo.  Fortunately, the gates to the yard that the wall faces were open when I walked passed the other day and I went in to explore.  As it was a sunny day and the light was perfect for photos I stopped by again today on my way back from Kreuzberg to get this shot.

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  1. Vhils - Go Forth: Street Art in Berlin - andBerlin - 14 January, 2016

    […] I originally posted this photo as Vhils By The Spree. […]

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