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The Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Pastrami Sadwich Close Up at Dudes Delikatessen BerlinOver the last couple of years Berlin has really embraced the BBQ scene and one of the best spots in the city to smack your chops around some tender pulled pork or beef is The Dudes Delikatessen in Kreuzberg.

The Dudes Delikatessen is a relatively new venture from the guys behind The Dudes Factory, a shop on Torstrasse selling clothing, art prints and a selection of goods featuring bold graphics with a vintage feel, including my beloved Bacon & Cheeseburger sweatshirt.

Bacon & Cheeseburgers Sweatshirt from The Dudes Factory

In The Dudes’ own words:

In their unrelenting efforts to share their lifestyle and culture, The Dudes have recently opened The Dudes Delikatessen, a venue dedicated to celebrating the good life.  Here lovers of good food, drink and rock ‘n’ roll can indulge in a sumptuous range of meaty treats and exquisite liquids.

Sign on the Door at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Dudes Delikatessen Berlin Menu 1

Pulled Pork BBQ Burger at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Pulled Pork BBQ Burger

Roasted Potatoes With Dip at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Roasted Potatoes With Dip

Pastrami Sandwich at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Pastrami Sandwich with Roasted Potatoes

The Deli located next to a second shop on Schlesische Strasse serves some of the best pulled meat in Berlin.  The menu offers 7 different burger varieties that can either be made with pulled pork or pulled beef.  There are also two vegetarian options and a mouth-wateringly tasty Pastrami Sandwich.

Double Hangover Pulled Pork Burger at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Double Hangover Pulled Pork Burger

Probably the most impressive and frightening item on the menu though is the Double Hangover Burger, which comes with a double helping of meat and a shot of whiskey on the side.

Dudes Delikatessen Berlin Menu 2

Whiskey Bottles at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Beer Mats at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

Celebrate the Good Life Mural at Dudes Delikatessen Berlin

As well as offering a delicious range of meaty food options, The Dudes Delikatessen also has one of the most impressive booze selections I’ve seen in Berlin – you can buy from a huge variety of Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey and Vodka by the glass or bottle.

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