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Grüne Woche Berlin

Swiss Cheese Stand at Grüne Woche BerlinGrüne Woche (International Green Week) is a massive food, agriculture and horticulture exhibition held for the 80th time in 2015 at Messe Berlin.

I went for the first time on Saturday and was amazed by the huge selection of different food and drink from all around the world on offer.

My food highlight of the day was eating Poffertjes, a small pancake-like dessert from the Netherlands, served with butter and orange liqueur.

The smell of the Poffertjes cooking was what drew us initially to the stand but we stayed to watch them being prepared, which was a pretty impressive sight.

Poffertjes Batter Being Poured at Grüne Woche Berlin

Poffertjes Batter Being Poured

Poffertjes Being Prepared at Grüne Woche Berlin

Poffertjes Being Prepared

Poffertjes at Grüne Woche Berlin

Poffertjes with Icing Sugar and Orange Liquer

Naturally, I took advantage of the opportunity to sample some beers and managed to Untapp 10 new brews from around the world, the highlight of which was a Pale Ale from Liechtensteiner Brauhaus.

We made ourselves a little picnic from the bread, cheese and salami that we had bought earlier, whilst we drank at the Liechtensteiner Brauhaus stall – it was the perfect impromptu dinner and we shared our food with another visitor who lent us his pen knife.

For the real enthusiast there was also beer bread on sale.

Pale Ale from Liechtensteiner Brauhaus at Grüne Woche Berlin

Pale Ale from Liechtensteiner Brauhaus

Beer at Grüne Woche Berlin

Beer Bread at Grune Woche Berlin

Beer Bread

Pigs, horses, cows, goats and alpacas were all on show in one hall along with lots of other livestock.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to watch any of the shows that the exhibitors here put on.

Cows at Grüne Woche Berlin

Alpacas at Grüne Woche Berlin

My first Grüne Woche Berlin experience was overwhelmingly positive and I’m already looking forward to a return next year when I hope to have a little bit more time available to check out the German and International Beer Hall.

Apples at Grüne Woche Berlin

Food Sign at Grüne Woche Berlin

Tulips at Grüne Woche Berlin

Bavarian Cheese Seller at Grüne Woche Berlin

Cow Balloon at Grüne Woche Berlin

Green Funkturm at Grüne Woche Berlin

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