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CSI: Berlin

Horacio Canine in CSI Berlin - a crime drama for Furries and advert for Eurofurence 20

Photo: Screenshot from CSI Berlin on Vimeo

When it comes to Krimis (crime dramas) in Germany, Tatort is undoubtedly top dog – watching the newest episode on a Sunday evening is a religion for some people.  Tatort, like the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise in the states has several spin-offs based in different cities, including Berlin.  But will Tatort be ousted from the affections of Berliners now that they can watch CSI: Berlin.

Move over Horatio Caine, here comes Horacio Canine.

CSI: Berlin was made as an advert for Eurofurence 20, a convention for ‘Furries’ held at Berlin’s Estrel hotel in August 2014.

CSI Berlin

//via Berliner Buzz//

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