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Ohrwurm: Cro – Einmal um die Welt

Cro – Einmal um die Welt (screenshot from the Official Video)

Photo: Still from ‘Cro – Einmal um die Welt’

I don’t know much about the German music scene but I’ve heard the name Cro, so when the video for Einmal um die Welt (Once Around The World, for English speakers) popped up as a YouTube suggestion I decided to give it a click.

And I’m glad I did.  The catchy blend of Rap and Pop (which Cro calls Raop) mean that the song has infected my brain even though I don’t understand half of the lyrics.

The song is perfectly complemented by a very sweet video featuring a boy and a girl seemingly out on a first date, with the boy wearing Cro’s trademark Panda mask.  And I’m obviously not the only person who likes it – the video has over 6.6 million views.

You can find lots more Cro music on the ChimperatorTV YouTube channel and get heaps of Cro info on his website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Cro – Einmal um die Welt


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