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Ohrwurm: Lucy Rose – All I’ve Got

Lucy Rose - All I've Got (screenshot from the Beatnik Sessions video)

Like last Sunday’s Ohrwurm, Lucy Rose – All I’ve Got, taken from the debut album Like I Used To, is just the kind of song you need to ease you out of a hungover state.

See more from Lucy Rose on her website, Facebook page and Twitter (which is how I heard about Ajimal – I’ve Known Your Heart).

This recording was made for Beatnik Sessions at the side of a canal in North London.  Keep an ear and an eye out for a car horn 44 seconds in and the smile it brings to Lucy’s face, as it seems to beep in time with the music.

I saw Lucy Rose at Roter Salon in Berlin in October and she is every bit as good live as this video suggests.

Lucy Rose – All I’ve Got


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