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Stolpersteine 154 – 164

Stolpersteine Berlin 160: In memory of Hedwig Leviton (Niebuhrstrasse 65)

I have added photos of all the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin over the last week to my Stolpersteine Gallery as usual.

All of these Stolpersteine were seen on one street, Niebuhrstrasse, which runs from Bleibtreustrasse near Savignyplatz to Wilmersdorfer Strasse.  I found a total of 44 memorials in this one street.

The Stolpersteine were dedicated to: Caroline Morberger, Antonie Heimann and Risa Räuscher (Niebuhrstrasse 77); Fritz Cohn, Ernestine Ester Cohn and Erna Cohn (Niebuhrstrasse 72); Anna Grünschild, Käthe Grünschild, Josefine Engel, Anna Pinkus, Paul Zeller, Frieda Zeller, Helene Mannheimer and Julius Moszkiewicz (Niebuhrstrasse 71); Martin Cohn, Toni Cohn and Hilde Lotte Gerson (Niebuhrstrasse 70); Julius Goldstein, Ernst Goldstein and Elly Goldstein (Niebuhrstrasse 67); Salomon Grohnem, Martha Grohnem, Helene Wolff, Gerhard Wolff, Paula Wolff, Joachim Wolff, Lina Potolowsky, Salomon Cohen and Selma Schlesinger (Niebuhrstrasse 66); Hedwig Leviton (Niebuhrstrasse 65); Albert Meyer, Berta Feuer, Peter Feuer, Recha Jacoby and Milly Jacoby (Niebuhrstrasse 63); Max Liebenau, Dora Liebenau, Salomon Sonn, Frieda Sonn and Rika von Halle (Niebuhrstrasse 62); Dina Simon and Helene Kaufmann (Niebuhrstrasse 58); Siegfried Schloss and Valeska Schloss (Niebuhrstrasse 3).

My first post about Stolpersteine gives more background about these memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.

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