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Berlin Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückedenkmal) on Platz der Luftbrücke, referred to by Berliners as the Hungerharke (Hunger Rake) or Hungerkralle (Hunger Claw) and in the background Tempelhof Airport

Berlin Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal)

Looming over a small park on the Platz der Luftbrücke in Tempelhof, the Berlin Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal) is dedicated to those who gave their lives to save the people of West Berlin during the Berlin Blockade. On 24 June 1948, Stalin closed off all road and rail routes to Berlin in an attempt to starve […]


Berlin Christmas 1948 – Blockaded Christmas by British Pathé

Blockaded Christmas is a British Pathé news report on the Berlin Christmas of 1948, 6 months into the Soviet Blockade of the city. In June 1948 tensions between the Soviet Union and the Allied occupying powers in Germany escalated and the democratic process for governing Berlin broke down completely. In an attempt to force the […]