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You Are A Marvel – Herakut

You Are A Marvel is so much more than just another street art video – Jasmin Siddiqui (aka Hera) reads a beautiful and inspirational quote from Pablo Casals, a Catalan cellist and conductor, as we watch her create a huge mural in Los Angeles with her partner Falk Lehmann (aka Akut One), the other half […]

Still from NO AD Day 2014 by Vermibus

NO AD Day 2014 – Vermibus

Berlin-based street artist Vermibus was part of a global action on 27 November 2014 called NO AD Day – an attempt to reduce the exposure of consumers to advertising on Black Friday – and has now published a video documenting the project. Vermibus describes NO AD Day in the description of the video on his […]

MTO - My name is MO

MTO – “My name is MO”

Part street art, part urbex, “My Name is MO” is a very clever video from MTO with the background story to a 1900 square metre mural painted at the Old Pepper Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky. “My name is MO”


Don John Mural for Urban Nation Berlin

Since I first saw a Wolf Beard stencil from Danish artist Don John, I’ve been hoping to see more of his street art in Berlin so I was particularly excited to hear he had been in town painting a huge mural for the One Wall Project from Urban Nation Berlin. With One Wall, Urban Nation […]

Vermibus Mario Testino In Your Face Berlin Intervention

Vermibus – Berlin Fashion Week Interventions 2015

Berlin Fashion Week was the perfect target for local artist Vermibus, whose ad-busting interventions subvert the very image the fashion world had descended on Berlin to project. After using solvents to significantly alter advertising posters featuring glossy images of beautiful people, Vermibus re-hangs his artworks in advertising hoardings for maximum impact. And this was what […]


Berlin Street Art Vol 16 – Various Artists

It’s time for another selection of sweet street art from Berlin.  The artist’s names link to previous appearances on andBerlin if you want to see more of their work. ALANIZ One of the largest of ALANIZ’s rollered paintings in Berlin, entitled “Protesta; more than a right, an obligation” is right alongside a Vhils piece from […]

Plotbot KEN at a Former Chemical Factory From Acid Tanks by Isabelle Pett

Acid Tanks – Plotbot KEN at work

This video by Isabelle Pett shows Berlin street artist Plotbot KEN at work in a former chemical factory just outside Berlin.  The editing and the industrial soundtrack (The Sect – Underworld Machine Code Remix) are well suited to the setting and KEN’s post-apocalyptic artworks, created on four large storage tanks. Acid Tanks


Berlin Street Art Vol 15 – Various Artists

A new year, a new selection of remarkable street art from Berlin to feast your eyes on, including some new artists as well as some very familiar faces.  As usual, where an artist has featured here before you can click on their name to see more of their work. Dave the Chimp According to his […]

ALANIZ Painting at Bärenquell Brauerei in Berlin - still from Inside the Mind of ALANIZ, Berlin’s Banksy by Vocativ

Inside the Mind of ALANIZ, Berlin’s Banksy

I find the comparison to Banksy in the title annoying given their very different styles but if you can get past that, Inside the Mind of ALANIZ, Berlin’s Banksy offers some fascinating insight into the motivation and creative process of the Berlin-based street artist. Whilst taking Vocativ on a tour of his art in Berlin, […]


Plotbot KEN – Street Art Goes Nuclear

The apocalyptic scenes in the works of Berlin street artist, Plotbot KEN are perfectly suited to the abandoned sites where he often paints.  The above piece is one of a number gracing the walls of the former NSA listening station at Teufelsberg.  His gallery work featured at the alternative Christmas Market, Stattmarkt at Stattbad Wedding. […]