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Michael Flückiger – Elephant Walk

If you happened to be glancing out of your window as Michael Flückiger rode past on his bike you might be in for a bit of a shock – the Swiss graphic designer has modified it to project the shadow of an elephant. Flückiger created what he calls his shadowmodification project with a speedometer, a […]


Martin Roller – Berlin Artist Plays With His Food

Every child the world over has been told (in his or her own language of course) ‘don’t play with your food’, an instruction that Berlin artist Martin Roller has thankfully ignored.  There is no digital sorcery at work here – Roller creates the striking photographs by altering the objects themselves not by manipulating the images […]


Mickael Jou – 365 Self-Portrait Project

Mickael Jou, a Taiwanese-French-American living in Berlin has combined his love of photography with his talent as a dancer to create a magical series of self-portraits for his 365 project. The project started in Paris but having located to Berlin, Jou has used a number of its iconic tourist attractions as a backdrop, though that […]