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M-Bahn Berlin - a short-lived monorail or Maglev (magnetic levitation) train that travelled along an approximately 1.6km stretch from the lower tracks of the U-Bahn station Gleisdreieck (now the U2) to Kemperplatz via the station at Bernburger Strasse (approximately where the U2 station Medelssohn-Bartholdy-Park is today) - Screenshot from the YouTube video Die M-Bahn in Berlin | Industriefilm aus 1985

The M-Bahn – The Berlin Monorail

If you have lived in or even visited Berlin, the chances are that you’re very familiar with the S- and U-Bahn but did you know that the German capital also once had an M-Bahn? The Berlin M-Bahn (short for Magnet-Bahn) was a Maglev, or magnetic levitation) train system, which is described in detail in this […]