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Balli Döner – Dürüm that really fits the bill

Dürüm Döner Close Up at Balli BerlinMy Döner guru (yes, I have a Döner guru and everyone should have one) Cihan is responsible for introducing me to two of my favourite Berlin Kebap options: the Spezial Döner at Konyali and the Dürüm Döner at Balli Döner.

I can still remember how excited Cihan was when we were discussing Kebaps a couple of summers ago and I told him I hadn’t tried Dürüm and I’d never been to Balli.

For the uninitiated, a Dürüm is a wrap made with a Turkish flatbread similar to a tortilla filled with the usual Döner Kebap ingredients, with the addition of chips (Pommes / fries) in the case of Balli Döner.

Balli Döner on Tempelhofer Damm Berlin

Balli Döner on Tempelhofer Damm

For my first visit, Cihan took me to the Balli near S-Bhf Hermannstrasse and we ate our Dürüms on a wall on the street near an entrance to Tempelhofer Feld but they have Imbiße all over Berlin.  There are two on Hermannstrasse and one on Sonnenallee and another on Tempelhofer Damm, as well as outposts in Steglitz, Mariendorf, Lichterfelde, Spandau and Reinickendorf.

Dürüm Döner at Balli Berlin

Dürüm Döner

I couldn’t believe how big the Kebap was on that first day – it was the size of my forearm – and I couldn’t quite finish it despite a big appetite and the fact that it was absolutely delicious.  Every time I go back (and I go often) it catches me a little bit by surprise.

Döner im Brot at Balli Berlin

Döner im Brot

Naturally, it’s not just all Dürüm at Balli, they do of course have the usual Döner Kebap im Brot (which I’ve also had and can vouch for) and other Turkish specialities – so if you’re a Döner fan in Berlin you should definitely give Balli a go.

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  1. Amanda 10 April, 2015 at 23:22 #

    We just moved to and apartment in Steglitz a week ago and the Imbiss stand is 30 meters from our front door. I was hoping it was good – now I will definitely be headed there for lunch this weekend!

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