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Sunday Documentary: Stauffenberg – Operation Valkyrie

The National Geographic documentary Stauffenberg: Operation Valkyrie tells the story of Claus von Stauffenberg and the attempt to kill Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944. A number of plots were hatched to assassinate Hitler but von Stauffenberg’s attempt, in which a bomb was planted during a meeting at the Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze), came closest to […]


Stolpersteine 189 – 190

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery to include photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin in the past week. The Stolpersteine I saw were dedicated to: Rosa Phiebig, Charlotte Heilborn, Erwin Nellhaus, Marie Lion, Else Moser, Emilie Kass, Ida Elsbach, Selma Grünthal, Salomo Goldstein, Paul Rathe, Otto Rathe, Gertrud Friedlaender, Wilhelm Abramczyk, Gertrud Abramczyck, Gertrud Katzenstein, Alice […]


Sunday Documentary: Real Scenes – Berlin

Real Scenes – Berlin by Resident Advisor, like a previous Sunday Documentary post, Children of Berlin, explores the explosion of Techno in Berlin after the fall of the wall. People who lived through and shaped the development of the Techno scene in Berlin discuss the factors that led to the city becoming the go-to destination […]


Stolpersteine 187 – 188

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery to include photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin in the last week. The Stolpersteine I saw were dedicated to: Richard Wilde, Wolfgang Wilde, Martha Kiwi, Regina Warszawski, Fanny Elkan, Josef Gross, Margarete Gross, Rudolf Kirchheim (Wielandstrasse 30); Wolf M Ehrenreich, Ernst W Ehrenreich, Rosa Hirschweh, Curt Hirschweh and Gertrud […]


Famous Berliners: The Brothers Grimm

I’m currently reading The Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Grimms Märchen) so Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm seemed like a logical choice to launch a new series of posts on andBerlin – Famous Berliners. In this series I hope to present some of the characters whose histories have become entwined with the history of the city itself […]


Sunday Documentary: Lost Worlds – Hitler’s Supercity

In today’s Sunday Documentary, Lost Worlds – Hitler’s Supercity, I return to a subject covered in two previous documentaries posted here – Hitler’s Henchmen – Speer – The Architect and Hitler’s Hidden City – Hitler’s unrealised plans for Welthauptstadt Germania as drawn up by Albert Speer. From around the 15-minute mark there is a very […]


Stolpersteine 184 – 186

I have added the photos of the Stolpersteine I have seen in Berlin over the past week to the photo gallery here. The Stolpersteine I saw were memorials to: Hedwig Salomon, Arthur Silbermann, Jenny Themal, Abraham Jüttner, Else Jüttner, Sieobert Jüttner, Bela and Ingeborg Jüttner (Mommsenstrasse 45); Martha Konicki (Mommsenstrasse 55); Gertrud Gumpert and Dr Fritz Gumpert (Mommsenstrasse […]

Hitler's Hidden City (screenshot from the National Geographic documentary)

Sunday Documentary: Hitler’s Hidden City

Probably the best Berlin Documentary I’ve watched, Hitler’s Hidden City by National Geographic follows the work of Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworld Association) – a group of researchers and explorers dedicated to uncovering underground bunkers and tunnels in Berlin. Amongst the most impressive discoveries are the train and car tunnels designed to carry traffic below Unter den […]

Al Murray's German Adventure (screenshot from the BBC4 documentary)

Sunday Documentary: Al Murray’s German Adventure

British comic, Al Murray, most famous for his character ‘The Pub Landlord’ sets out to dispel some myths about the German people in the BBC4 documentary: Al Murray’s German Adventure. Murray explores the German people and their culture as he travel around the country and encounters some of the greats of art and science, amongst […]

A close up of the Quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate (screenshot from BBC Documentary Berlin by Matt Frei)

Sunday Documentary: Berlin (by Matt Frei for BBC)

The documentary, Berlin, produced for the BBC by Matt Frei, a German-born journalist, charts the development of the city and examines the forces that shaped its people. It was this documentary that introduced me to Teufelsberg and the Schwerbelastungkörper and made me determined to learn more about Berlin’s history and to seek out the unusual […]