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Vhils by the Spree

Vhils is one of my favourite street artists so when I first saw this piece from a boat chugging along the Spree in the summer I was gutted that I couldn’t get a clean photo.  Fortunately, the gates to the yard that the wall faces were open when I walked passed the other day and […]


Stolpersteine 4 & 5

I saw some more Stolpersteine in Berlin today whilst walking around Kreuzberg, mainly looking for street art.  My first discovery was a bit of a shock.  Outside a Chicken Stall on the corner of Skalitzer Strasse and Oranienstrasse I first saw this memorial to Friedrich Schulmeister. My first post about Stolpersteine gives more background about these […]


A wander around Kreuzberg in the sun

Before Christmas I went to Kreuzberg with my camera to get a picture of this Street Art piece by Victor Ash of an Astronaut (Cosmonaut, Spaceman, take your pick depending on where you come from) and spent some time walking around but it was raining so my photos weren’t great. As it was sunny this morning when […]


Stolpersteine 2 and 3

When I went out for a walk this afternoon I was hoping to find some more Stolpersteine to photograph.  Even with this in mind and having spent a lot of time studying the pavement I almost missed this memorial to Regina Schrimmer on Auguststrasse in Mitte.  The building in front of which it is laid […]



As my travels today took me back near Kreuzberg I decided to pop to Burgermeister for lunch as I had vowed to do in my A couple hours well spent post. Burgermeister is under the tracks of the U1 near the Schlesiches Tor stop and is a former toilet converted into a kitchen (an interesting […]


Stolpersteine – A Memorial Project

When I left Konnopke’s Imbiss yesterday, I crossed Schonhauser Allee and walked south a short distance to take a picture of these Stolpersteine.  I had walked passed these brass blocks a few times before an article on Slow Travel Berlin drew my attention to their meaning. Stolpersteine (the English translation is ‘Stumbling Blocks’) is the […]


Konnopke’s Imbiss

Konnopke’s my local Imbiss (snack outlet) so I thought it was only right that I should go there for my first Currywurst of 2012 and start what I hope will be a series of posts about Currywurst in Berlin. Currywurst is the culinary pride of Berlin and beloved by its citizens.  It is a pork sausage, […]

Naughty Bear: Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Street Art – July / August 2011

I’ve finally got around to uploading my Street Art photos from my holiday in Berlin 2011.  A return to spending more time exploring the streets means that there’s more of a selection than 2010. You can see my favourites here but here’s a little taster:

This Is Jim: Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Street Art – July / August 2010

I’ve looked back through my photos from my holiday in Berlin in 2010 and here are the pick of the Street Art photos.  It turns out I spent a lot more time in museums and a lot less time on the street than I remember during that trip so I’ve decided not to have a […]



On my travels today I stumbled across a beer called BIER in a supermarket near Treptower Park.  I read about this relatively new Berlin beer on Slow Travel Berlin the other day and was keen to try some.   The non-brand was started by two Berliners who describe the concept on their website as a reaction […]