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Café Achteck - Unionplatz - an example of Berlin's classic 19th century green cast iron public toilets

Café Achteck – Berlin’s Green Pissoir

If you’ve spent time wandering around Berlin you may have occasionally noticed a small green metal hut that looks a little like a summer house but did you stop to wonder what it was? The structure you noticed, known locally as a Café Achteck (Octagonal Café), is actually a toilet. I saw my first Café […]

Screenshot from Berliner Trance on YouTube

Sunday Documentary: Berliner Trance

Berliner Trance is a 1993 documentary that charts the rising popularity of trance music and the MFS record label from its origins in post-wall Berlin. Trance music is a kind of dance music which thousands of young people across Germany and throughout Europe are quite passionate about. It’s a musical movement which is gaining strength. […]

Screenshot from Walled in! - The inner German border by Deutsche Welle on YouTube

Walled in! – The inner German border | DW English

The computer animation Walled in! – The inner German border, which details the fortifications of the former boundary was produced by Deutsche Welle in cooperation with the Berlin Wall Foundation to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall. Save for a few remaining stretches preserved as memorials, the Berlin Wall is merely […]

Wegbier: Berlin’s Bargain Beer Map Logo - Where to get a cold half-litre bottle of Berliner Kindl Jubiläums Pilsener for 1€ or less in the German capital.

Wegbier: Berlin’s Bargain Beer Map

Berlin is pretty cheap when it comes to beer but I’ve noticed that Späti prices can vary wildly so I came up with Wegbier – Berlin’s Bargain Beer Map to keep track of the best value options. One of the reasons I fell in love with Berlin was the freedom to drink a beer as […]

Entartete Kunst - Screenshot aus dem Dokumentarfilm Degenerate Art von dem Los Angeles County Museum of Art auf YouTube

Sunday Documentary: Degenerate Art

Degenerate Art is a documentary by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art based on the exhibition Degenerate Art: The Fate of the Avant-Garde in Nazi Germany that they put on at the Altes Museum in Berlin in 1992. As with the Nazi book burning of 1933, classifying particular works as degenerate art was part […]

Döner Kebab Pillow from UnitedLabels AG on Amazon

Döner Kebab Pillow – Good Night, Meat Dreams!

Cornershop knew what they were talking about when they sang ‘Everybody needs a Döner for a pillow’* and you can get your own Döner Kebab pillow on Amazon. Foolish enough to forget to eat a kebab after a big night out? You’ll have your Döner pillow to comfort you. Woken up in the middle of […]

The Nazi book burning on Bebelplatz (then Opernplatz) in Berlin in 1933 - Screenshot from Nazi Book Burning, a short documentary from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on YouTube

Sunday Documentary: Nazi Book Burning

In the short documentary, Nazi Book Burning, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum presents the events of 1933 in Germany and discusses why regimes like the Nazis target culture and in particular books. Shortly after the Nazis’ rise to power, picking up on the government’s desire to ‘purify’ German culture and society, the National Socialist […]