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New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Silvester in Berlin – Part 2

A Rocket Misfires on The Streets of Berlin on New Year's Eve (Silvester)

Photo: Still from video by YouTube/TheChosenOne

This is the moment a presumably faulty firework explodes near a crowd of New Year’s Eve revellers on the street in Berlin.  As I mentioned yesterday in my post about JUST’s drive through Berlin on Silvester, Berliners love to let off fireworks as part of their NYE celebrations.

There is something about Silvester in Berlin – it may be the booze, the collective excitement of everyone celebrating together, or maybe the overflowing adrenaline and testosterone produced by all those loud bangs – that sees sense fly out the window.

As this next video shows, Berliners love to let rockets fly straight from their hands, and whilst this might make for a striking image you have to wonder about the risk of injury.


// via B.Z. //

And with all those fireworks and all that madness things have to go wrong sometimes right?  As a rocket misfires and explodes amongst a group partying on the streets of Berlin, a man runs past the camera first removing his burning top and then turning his attention to the fire in his crotch.  If that doesn’t make you think twice about your New Year’s Eve celebrations in Berlin and how crazy Silvester fireworks are, nothing will.

This is what new year in Berlin looks like

// via überlin //

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