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Stolpersteine 115 – 119

Stolpersteine 115: In memory of Machle Dubinsky (Rosenthaler Strasse 19) in BerlinThis week on my wanders in Berlin I saw a number of Stolpersteine, pictures of which have been added to the gallery here.

Machle Dubinsky (Rosenthaler Strasse 19); Walter Rosenthal, Alice Rosenthal, Eva Rosenthal and Siegfried Rosenthal (Kantstrasse 132); Julius Tauber and Erna Ewer (Kantstrasse 121-120); Ellen Cahen and Frida Levy (Xantener Strasse 20); Vera Nathan, Adolph Welsch and Leonhard Holz (Ludwigkirchplatz 12).

You can read more about the origins of these touching memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig in my first post about Stolpersteine.

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